The calculations derived from the mortgage calculator or otherwise advertised are for illustrative purposes only, contain samples and estimates, and do not necessarily reflect all potential HOA fees, real estate taxes, homeowner’s insurance, hazard insurance, mortgage insurance or special assessments. Actual loan interest rates and payments are based on multiple factors including market conditions, points, loan amount, loan-to-value, borrower’s credit, property type and occupancy. This is not an offer to lend. United Atlantic Mortgage (UAM) is not a lender and there are no assurances that a purchaser will qualify for any loan or financing. Forecasts, projections, and other predictive statements should never be relied upon. You should consult your own accounting, legal and tax advisors to evaluate the risks, consequences, and suitability of any real estate transaction. UAM makes no guarantees as to market conditions. Real estate market conditions involve risks, variables and uncertainties that may cause the real estate values to differ materially from geographic area, timeframes, and product types.

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