While there are countless agents in the world of real estate, ultimately only one will help you find your dream home. With so many agents out there, it is important to interview your prospective agents for the best fit.

First, conduct phone interviews with a few promising agents to narrow down your options. Check out our list of questions to ask when considering potential agents:

How many homes have you sold in the last year?

The need for this answer seems obvious but there’s a hidden grain of knowledge beneath the surface. Obviously, it is important to have an agent who has an extensive knowledge in the market. Someone who sold zero homes in the last year probably doesn’t have much knowledge about the state of the current market. However, if an agent has sold 400 homes in a year, how much time could they spend on an individual sale?

How long have you been in real estate?

Most agents are out of real estate within 2 years of getting started. If they’ve been in the industry for a while, more than likely they’re doing something right. But, if they’ve been an agent for 10 years and sold 1 home last year it might not be their main focus.

What have some of your previous clients said about you?

It is important to understand the quality of service that all agents provide to their clients. What better place to find it than the actual source? Most agents will have reviews online, but a few handwritten compliments go a long way as well.

Why did you get into real estate?

It may not speak to the agent’s skill, but it does help you figure out a little more about the agent’s intentions. If they got into real estate for financial reasons, then they may not always put their clients first.

Will I be working directly with you?

Many well-established agents have teams. If you’re working with an agent for their namesake, oftentimes they will let one of their lesser-experienced agents work with you directly and collect a percentage once the deal closes.

What are the percentage of buyers and sellers that you work with?

In real estate there are 2 sides to a sale: a buying side and a selling side. If you’re purchasing a home it might not make much sense to work with an agent who never works with sellers. Just as an attorney specializes in prosecuting or defending, agents specialize in buying or selling. When making such a big decision, you want a specialist.

Are there any areas here that you focus on?

You obviously have an idea of where you’re looking to live. Do you know more about that area than the agent? It is important to find an agent with a strong knowledge of the market in which you are looking.

Do you like what you do?

There might not be a more important quality in an agent than passion. You should be able to tell if their answer is sincere or rehearsed. A passionate agent will ensure your experience is the best possible.

Finding the right home is similar to finding the right agent – when it’s right, you’ll feel it. Ask agents questions to make your decision, then continue asking questions throughout the process. This not only helps your answer questions that you might have, but it also helps the agent find out your exact needs and wants.

If they don’t have the answers to some of your questions right away, don’t worry. No agent can have all the answers, all the time. Find an agent who is honest when they don’t know, then does the research to bring you the information you need.

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