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Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “Man, they have the best luck?” You’re not alone in the notion that some people have an undeniable magnetic lucky energy. Don’t count yourself out, though, because I can guarantee that while it may look like the world is their proverbial oyster and luck seems to follow them around like a stage 5 clinger, I fully believe that in life and in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry, you can FULLY create your own “Luck.” 

Luck starts with WORK. The saying “nothing worth having is going to be easy to get” holds a lot of truth. You must put in leg work daily to get a return on your investment. The first step should be to get honest with yourself about what you want, your goals, and your willingness to achieve them. Create a vision board, write it down, go on Pinterest, and save all the pins, but it can’t stop there. A “vision without action” is just a daydream. 

Get around people who have a like mind. People with the same tenacity, energy, and desire to succeed that you already have or are looking for. Your circle of influence has a significant impact on whether or not you are going to achieve your life goals! Networking in new circles can be a bit nerve-wracking, even as adults. Naturally, you want to be liked, but be bold and seek out new places and people. Grow your sphere organically; you never know what connections you can make when you just put yourself out there! 

Above everything else, you must believe that YOU are worthy of the goals and “luck” you’re trying to find and achieve in life! If you don’t believe in yourself, your abilities, or your product, no one else will either! The phrase “fake it until you make it” has gotten me through many situations where I felt I was less than others. Imposter syndrome is real, but so is your ability to feel confident. Your brain is a muscle; you can retrain it like any muscle. Push away the story on repeat in your brain that says you can’t, or you’re not good enough. Tell yourself that you deserve the best, can and will achieve those goals, and watch your “ luck” turn around! 

No matter how you look at it, LUCK is self-made, through blood, sweat, tears, and TIME! I promise YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT!

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