With the cooler temps and holidays galore, it may seem winter isn’t the best time to sell. However, buyers are still needing homes to purchase! You may do a little more due diligence to make the space appear cozy, warm, and inviting against the dreariness of the season, but it’s still a great time to sell. Check out these tips on selling your home during the winter season. 

  • 1. Illuminate rooms with lots of light.

Begin by allowing as much natural light as possible, even though winter isn’t known for consistent sunshine. If you don’t have the best view from the windows, close the blinds or curtains and turn on the lights in every room, and closet. Use a spotlight and accent lighting if you have a dark corner to brighten the area. 

  • 2. Make sure everything is squeaky clean.

Every home is more likely to sell when it’s shiny and bright!  Every surface should be scrubbed, cobwebs and dust bunnies removed, and cabinets and closets decluttered. If you need to, consider hiring a professional cleaner to do a deep clean to make it easier for upkeep while on market and allowing showings. 

  • 3. Create a cozy and inviting environment.

Throw some soft blankets on a chair or over the back of the couch. Have a few holiday decorations out. Play calming music. Avoid strong aromas. Keep a neutral temperature between 68 and 70 degrees. After all, who doesn’t want to come home and curl up after a long day with a comfy blanket with a calming aura? 

  • 4. Present interesting facts about the home.

If there are custom features in your home or things you find unique specifically to your property, create a card or fact sheet with highlights.  Mention the original wood floors or the family dog hideaway. You can also notate any substantial updates to systems or appliances. 

  • 5. Keep the exterior clean.

Whether it is leftover leaves from the changing season or freshly fallen snow, it’s best to keep the home free of as much debris as possible. It’s essential to take the time to clear any walkways so that buyers and agents can use them safely. Sprinkle rock salt or sand onto ice and snow so that no one slips and gets hurt.

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