Bad, Slow or No Credit Program

  • Lending solutions for low credit scores (> 580)
  • Preferred Partner Program with Home Loans Assist
  • Complimentary Tri-Merge Mortgage Credit Report Services

United Atlantic Mortgage in Virginia Beach is proud to offer lending solutions for all borrowers, including those with low (below 580) or no credit scores, delinquent credit histories, prior short sales, foreclosures, and bankruptcies. We are proud to offer the Preferred Partner Program with Home Loans Assist, and additionally we provide complimentary Tri-Merge Mortgage Credit Report services, which indicate the “Top Five” actions recommended for borrowers.

UAM is happy to refer you to Preferred Partner for Borrowers who elect to participate in the tailored credit repair program (fees apply). With a 63% success rate in converting a denied borrower into an approved borrower with improved credit, Preferred Partner sends UAM notifications when the borrower’s credit status has changed to “approval likely.” At this point in the process, UAM reviews the borrower’s information and issues the pre-approval letter.