If you’re pre-approval letter has expired, don’t worry. Updating it is typically a quick and easy process handled by your loan officer. Reach out to them to explain the situation, and be prepared to provide any documents or information they need.

Why the Expiration Date?

Pre-approval letters have limited lifespans for good reason: Life. A lot can happen in the month or two since the letter was issued, including income, expenses, and credit score. If your circumstances have changed drastically since your pre-approval, then your realtor needs to know.

A few tips when updating your approval letter:

  • Keep all documents and records during this time, as they may be needed for verification
  • Avoid major purchases or career/income changes, as they may throw off your credit
  • Maintain your financial status, as your credit score will be checked again prior to closing

Get in touch today to speak to United Atlantic Mortgage’s expert Virginia Beach representatives about updating your approval letter.